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they are my heart ;')

they are my heart ;')

Saturday, 10 March 2012

2012 ?

Assalammualaikum ~~,

it's seem a long time i didn express my feeling to this blog ? y ,
1)i'm a little bit lazy , and i just keep wht i wan to share actually ,
2)i'm quite buzy lately ,
3)i'm not sure, the stalkers see my blog or not , if not, just waste my tym  :l

em ! a lots of thing had occur , but i'm not sure this perfect tym to story evrthing right now, but , insyaAllah , if Allah still makes me breath , i'll share wht had going on ,insyaAllah.
now , we're in third month of de yer, and my "azam" this years, i wish, i could fulfilled it! ,
wht is it?  it became my secret ^^ ,

Wasalam J

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